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**NEW** JBW Character Bios

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  Rated_R(ob)KO on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:32 am

For everyone new to JUSTIFIABLY BADASS WRESTLING please put your bios here!!!


"And yeah, that's EXACTLY why I don't take you to important meetings lol. You're like a wild pitbull... it's like taking a crocidile to a dog show, bull in a china shop. You're like a Great White Shark ready to strike. You shoved your cyber **** down his throat."

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COO Of JBW (Admin)
COO Of JBW (Admin)

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  Wade Barrett 1979 on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:40 am

Name: Spencer Churchill

Entrance Song/Motion: Goldberg/SCSA

Finisher Moves: F5/Tombstone Piledriver

Signature Moves: European Uppercut/Inverted Full Nelson/Choking an Opponenet(while pleading with the ref)/Pumphandle Slam/Spinning Side Slam/Big Boot to Rope Hung Opponent/Scoop Powerslam/Fall Away Slam

Other Moves: Belly to Belly Suplex/Diving Elbow Drop/Back Kick/Shoulder Block/Snap Swinging Neckbraker/Underhook Suplex/Knee Strikes/Dropkick

Attire & Colour: Black boots/Union Flag Trunks/SCSA Leg Braces/ Out of ring:Suit trousers, shirt & tie with waistcoat

Physical Look: 6'8''/Brock Leanar Build/English Rose tattoo on top right arm

Nickname: The Greatest Briton

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Face/Heel: Heel

Gimmick: Always talks about the Greatness of The British Empire and believes The Empire will rise again. Refers to all Americans as 'Colonials' and 'peasants' he sees them as Second Class Citizens. Believes that through him, The Empire, will 'control' JBW.

Bio: After both his parents passed away when he was very young, he was raised by his grandfather, who was ex-military and always told Spencer about how great The Empire was and how much worse the world is without it. He raised Spencer as if he were training a recruit, so he's a very well drilled and disciplined individual, with an exagerrated sense of self worth and importance. Believing himself to be better than others.
Taught by his grandfather how to fight, first using military hand to hand combat techniques, then boxing and judo.
Taught to wrestle from his mid Teens by a couple of close friends of his grandfather.
He wrestled in the UK and Europe, from 17 to 24, then moved to the States having beaten all that Europe had to offer.
He wants to prove the superiority of his Great Briton wrestling technique, to the lesser American colonials.
Wade Barrett 1979
Wade Barrett 1979

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  DingoMac on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:45 am

Rated_R(ob)KO wrote:For everyone new to JUSTIFIABLY BADASS WRESTLING please put your bios here!!!
Thanks Rob!

From: Outback AUstralia
Height: 6'5
Weight: 235lbs
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

signature: Koalabearhug, kangaroo kick (drop kick)
Finisher: Crocodile Strike (spear)
Description: Typical fun loving Australian stereotype who talks like Steve Irwin. Most of the he is a fun loving character to be around, but in the ring he is a serious competitor. When he finds himself struggling against an opponent he occasionally loses his cool and snaps. He brings his pet koala down to the ring with him and if he gets frustrated and throws the koala at his opponent to distract him before hitting his finisher on him... If he gets even angrier he will take it out on the crowd and has even taken babies from women in the crowd in the past.

Bio: Born in Australia, Dingo grew up near a crocodile invested river. To make sure he would be able to protect himself his father made him wrestle against the crocodiles from a young age.
Dingo grew to love the competition that the crocodiles provided and became so powerful that the crocodiles would flee from him when he went near the river. Missing the challenge Dingo began looking for ways to test himself, eventually finding professional wrestling.
He wrestled in various promotions but couldn't find anybody to challenge him. He decided to come to HWA to see if anybody there could provide the challenge he has looked for his whole life and is currently undefeated. Now he has come to JBW continue his Eternal search for a challenge!

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  SouthernBlood on Mon Feb 13, 2012 9:42 pm

Since most folks are unfamiliar:
Superstar Name:Ano Doom

From:The Netherworld.

Entrance Theme:Honey and Sulphur ,by Cradle Of Filth.

Finishing moves:
Finisher:The Gravedigger(Psycho Driver III)
Gravedigger II(Psycho Driver IV)
Gravedigger III(Psycho Driver II)
Gravedigger IV(Barry White Driver)
Gravedigger V(Canadian Destroyer)
Death's Grip(Top rope Fisherman Suplex,sometimes jumping to the top rope)
Zombie Clutch(Cross Armbar.)

Signature Moves:Knockout punch, Red Curse(High Cross), Jumping Sitdown Tombstone,Sheerdrop Powerbomb,Deadlift Chokeslam,Multiple Military Press moves,Firemans's carry Stunner,Heart Punch,,Burning Hammer,Superplex,Senton Backsplash,Running Elbow Drop.

Other Certain Moves:Lariat,Every kind of Suplex, Triple Powerbombs,Fireman's carry Kick in the face,Crimson Red Mist,Sideslam Backbreaker on knee,Body Avalanche,Running Splash,, Running Crossbody,Headbutt, Big Boot,Double Sledgehammer,Several Powerslam Variants.

Attire/Gear:Wears a bloodstained white hockey maskblack leather gloves,tied lace up black dress shoes,And severeal different alternating colors of suits with vests,ties,and sports coats with dress pants(Not necessarily always a two piece matching suit) with with fedoras now and again ,not every time.For the match he will slowly remove the jacket ,dress shirt,vest(If wearing one) tie and fedora.Very muscular build,like Mason Ryan.(From the Nexus days) Entire upper body is covered in green,red and black dark gothic and tribal tattoos,from the neck to the body and arms down to the hands. His forearms say "Carnage" and "Agony" in red vertically. Has very short black trim hair with designs cut into it all over(Just like in the attachment but without the mohawk.) Eyes are messed up,one is solid white and the other has a red pupil..

Wrestling Style:Monster Powerhouse/Striker,Grappler,Hardcore, with some Submission mixed in.

Nickname:The Venom Knight


Weight:325 pounds.


Gimmick:Very large monstrous man,sick and twisted,almost seemingly insane but has his emotions and thoughts very well in check,has monstrous superhuman strength.Will stop at nothing to make his goals happen.Has very shocking speed and athleticism for a man his size.

About: Dark and evil,Ano Doom is one sick twisted man,determined to take out everyone and anyone in the path, intending on spreading pain like wildfire.Not much is known about him,other than he is an out of this world real monster; a true freak,like something right out of a horror movie.Now he prepares to infect all of JBW with his bone crushing violence as he spills the blood of those in front of him,breaking the bodies of all who attempt to stand up to him on his quest,spreading venom into them all as he infects others with his hands of pain.

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  S.E. Zero on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:23 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Jason ''The Puerto Rican Nightmare'' Alexander

A man at the young age of 23, known to be a high risk taker due to his no care daredevil maneuvers made possible because of his weight of 194 pounds. He is consider small in the wrestling business at the height of 5' 11'' but what he lacks in size he makes up for with tenacity and great in ring work that have made him a world wide sensation.

He was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico on May 9, 1988, but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

His attire consist of white base trunks with the Puerto Rican flag across the back of it, white wrist tape, crimson red knee pads, navy blue boots with the words P.R. Nightmare across them Known for maintain a clean look made up of medium length styled dark brown hair and goatee. Its said that his blue eyes are a true window to his soul and people admire him for having honest eyes.

His moveset has varied throughout the years but he's often used the Sharpshooter, Tornado DDT, Top Rope Missile Dropkick, Superkick, The Darkest Nightmare (High Impact Knee to the Face) and Your Worst Nightmare (Inverted Twisting Shooting Star Press) as a part of his vast moveset.

He started out in WWC, one of the biggest wrestling promotions in Puerto Rico at the age of 19 where he won various championships and gained enough exposure as a face to travel to Canada for a short period of time to be trained by Kevin Matthews Japan and later Mexico, where a hatred from Mexicans to Puerto Ricans for reasons that will remain between them he decided to use that hate and become a heel while also gaining the nickname ''The Puerto Rican Nightmare''.

After 4 years of traveling across the world, through friends in the wrestling business he heard of the recent beginnings of a new company called The Airbourne Wrestling Federation, after a tryout match that left the AWF's corporate staff mesmerized by his in ring work he was signed to a impromptu deal and allowed him to make his United States debut.

It was a short time after his AWF debut that he ventured out into the independent wrestling circuit and he was able to be a part of The Blacklist Wrestling Alliance, another up and coming company at the time where he alongside his assigned partner ''The Mad One'' Abel formed the tag team known as The Nightmare Madness, a team that would permit Alexander to gain great success in both companies as their top tier champion.

He was a part of The Hardcore Wrestling Association where he and former trainer Kevin Matthews had a feud that resulted in a very personal and dangerous match that left the HWA no choice but remove them from the company for concern of not only for their well being but that of the other HWA employees at the time.

He also has family in the wrestling business as he's teamed with his cousin Erick Alexander in the AWF soon to be a part JBW's Octane to form the team known as The Alexander Bloodline.

In lieu of his fame in the independent wrestling scene he was offered and accepted a contract from JBW CEO KashDinero but has yet to debut on JBW.

His theme songs have been: It Dies Today's Gasoline Freak Fight Accident (Independent Wrestling Circuit) and he has revealed that he will use: Deceit by Ankla upon his JBW debut

His list of accomplishments vary from the championships he's held in Puerto Rico including being a 2 time WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Champion, 1 time WWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion and 2 time WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Champion.

His travels across the world led him to Japan, where he was a 1 time OPW Tenpohzan Grand Prix Champion and 2 time GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion with Kenta Kobashi. Soon after traveling to Mexico where his success include being 1 time AAA World Tag Team Champion with El Mesias and 3 time AAA World Cruiserweight Champion.

His recent success are from United States of America where he was a 1 time AWF World Champion and was also 1 time Undisputed BWA World Champion with partner Abel.

He bears few awards among them being named the 2009 Tag Team of the Year with El Mesias and having the 2010 Feud of the Year against L.A. Park.

Many have pondered what else this man will do along the next few years but he has only responded that the future is his to make his own and soon Jason Alexander will known simply as: The Best in the World at what he does.


To be noted: This bio will be appearing in JBW Magazine soon Wink

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S.E. Zero
S.E. Zero

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  Self-Destruction on Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:10 pm

Name: Extraterrestrial

Height: 6ft 10

Weight: 298lbs

Alignment: Heel

Bio: He is convinced that his soul has been taken over by an Alien - who has been sent down to Earth to decide whether to invade or to stay away. That is why he is in JBW, to see whether Humans are good enough to keep alive - and will put up a good fight if invaded

Finishers: Samoan Drop - Crash Landing
Pumphandle Drop - Abort Mission

Signature Moves: Fisherman's Suplex
Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Dragon Suplex

Theme Song: Undead - Hollywood Undead

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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  eyehatecena on Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:57 pm

The Panzer Division

Oli Panzer and his identical twin Karl Panzer
Age: 33
6ft 9in
290 lbs each
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Dressed in black pants, black combat boots, black muscle shirt wear trench coats to the ring, wears black gloves, always carry police batons, always have a pair of brass knuckles handy. Very muscular. No tats.
Finishing move: the Road Warriors finish- renamed Die Krawatte(the necktie), and the big boot- named Guten Nacht(good night)
Signature move: Just lots of power moves, clotheslines
entrance song: KMFDM- BOOTS

German born. Don’t really speak much, they let their actions speak for them. Both started training for wrestling when 15yrs old. Were the best students in the school and soon became trainers there. Won every single tag title in every fed they wrestled in Germany, Austria and France before they were 20 yrs old. Yet they still continued to train others. Originally helped train Hanz Gruber until Hanz decided to learn more styles with other trainers in Japan, Mexico and America. The Panzer brothers saw this as a sign of disrespect- so they stopped training others and just decided to kick ass and collect titles. They moved on to Japan where they stayed for 8 yrs, becoming one of the top teams there, holding the belts in New Japan off and on during those years.
Decided to check out the tag scene in other countries for the next few years- getting kicked out of many feds- winning belts along the way. Heard about a new upstart fed- EWA, decided to check it out after hearing some of the best tag teams in the world have signed up there.


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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

Post  eyehatecena on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:45 pm

EWA Manager/Wrestler
Name: Ute "Barbie" Panzer
Entrance Theme:
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 110 lbs
From: Germany
Looks and dresses like Velvet Sky
Ring Entrance- just like Velvet Sky
Alignment: tweener
Finishing moves: Chick Kick, Superkick, Sharpshooter
Bio: Has managed many talented wrestlers in Europe- bringing them all to the top. has come to EWA to scout talent. Younger sister to Karl and Oli Panzer. She is also an accomplished wrestler and was trained by her brothers. She grew up following her brothers around. She does all she can for EWA. Manages the Panzer Division in EWA. Is girlfriend of EWA/Alpha Rev wrestler Mike Muir

Name: Sasha Panzer
Entrance Theme:
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 115lbs
From: Germany
Looks like Torrie Wilson, dresses in very, very skimpy ring attire
Ring Entrance: She copies her sister
Alignment: Heel
Finishing moves: Does a lot of hair pulling, kicks- but her finishing move is the stinkface- except she drops her barely there shorts and thongs before she does it
Bio: Does not get along with Barbie at all- tries to take her stuff when she can. Does not get along with her brothers that much either. Was not trained by anybody in the family- just picked it up in a few indy feds. Will do pretty much anybody in the fed

Wrestler/EWA PAIN! Interviewer
Name: Faith LeFlur
Entrance Theme:
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 112lb
From: New Orleans
Looks and dresses like Candice Michelle
Alignment: Face
Finishing move: Big Boot- but she calls it Lil Boot
Bio: Has been in training with the Panzers. Very smart, has a Ph D

Name: Bertha Ray
Entrance Theme:
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 169 lbs
From: Trailerparkville
Looks like O.D.B, dresses like her and acts like her
Finishing move: Flying head butt, camel clutch, and a knock out punch called- the Bitch Slap
Bio: Mean, pissed off at everybody- hates pretty girls


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**NEW** JBW Character Bios Empty Re: **NEW** JBW Character Bios

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